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Singularity embodies past UK scenes in a new era. Starting with events, our ambition was to shape a new rave scene and since we set out in 2019, things have gone a long way. Big ups to all the crews out there pushing the flavour! Our sound is rooted in the history of UK Dance music and we aim to honour it by constantly pushing sonic and visual boundaries. If you’ve been to a Singularity night before, you know how we get down.


It’s 2023 and we’re rolling out a whole load of bangers as a label, putting on the best upcoming underground artists. Just like our events we cover many a style, in the realms of jungle, drum and bass, UKG, grime and everything in between and beyond. The only rule is bass.  Previous releases are available on this website so make sure to check that out! 

The future is ours, we have a lot planned and can’t wait to reveal it to all the warehouse crew!

Stay tuned...

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